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Oral Tumour

Any abnormal mass of tissue growth in the oral region can be termed as oral tumors. Most Oral tumors are benign which means they are non- cancerous. However, some tumors may grow bigger in size, though not cancerous can destroy the adjacent structures (bone, nerves, blood vessels, soft tissue). Hence they need to be removed.

 So, any growth in the mouth if noticed needs immediate attention.

As part of the regular dental visits, they are accidentally diagnosed by the dentist who would then recommend further treatment

Oral Tumours And Cysts

Treatment of Oral Tumours

Excision is the best treatment available to remove the tumors. The tumor removed are sent for a biopsy just to confirm if they are benign or malignant. Subsequent follow-up treatments are required based on the diagnosis and to keep the tumor under check.

Oral Cyst

Any abnormal cavity in the oral tissues accumulated with fluids or semi-fluid materials is termed as oral cysts.  They are as a matter of fact a fluid-filled sac. The oral cysts can form in any of the oral tissues which include gums, the inner side of the lips and cheeks, the root of the tooth, tongue, and jaw bone.

Oral Tumours And Cystsss
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Diagnosis of Oral Cysts

Some  cysts can be identified by the dentist just by looking at it. They are conspicuously visible as they are formed in the mucosal lining.

Oral Cyst s
Diagnosis of Oral Cysts

All other forms of cysts are not visible from outside and hence cannot be found for its presence. But these oral cysts manifests as swellings as they become infected. When you visit the dentist, your dentist might recommend taking an oral X-ray. All the non-mucosal cysts are visible in the X-ray images and in this way, their presence can be diagnosed

Treatment of Oral Cysts

Most mucosal cysts require surgical intervention. The dentist would remove them using laser or excision.

Other non-mucosal cysts are removed by studying the X-ray report thoroughly. The cysts are generally scooped out in a surgical intervention. Like tumors, the scooped out cyst tissues are sent for biopsies just to confirm that they are not cancerous in nature.

Treatment of Oral Cysts